Upcoming Rementia Care Training

Continuing Education

16 hour Continuing Education Units are available for CNA’s and RCFE Administrators.

Questions to Consider:

·      What do you wish for those with Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment?

·      What skills would you like to foster in yourself and associate caregivers?

·      What more can your organization offer to support caregivers and care receivers?


Training Focus

·      Describe the main aspects of providing person centered care

·      Describe at least 3 intervention methods to counter challenging situations

·      Know how to use validation statements in verbal communication

·      List at least 3 medical benefits of laughter exercise related to physical wellness

·      Describe the difference between entertainment and occupational activities

·      Explain how meeting psychosocial needs of residents impacts outcomes

·      Demonstrate understanding of rementia care v. dementia care



Instructors Kassandra King BA, NHA, RCFE, and Kira Anthofer BA, RCFE, have over 30 years experience as skilled nursing and assisted Kassandra and kira pictureliving administrators, Alzheimer’s disease educators and senior care consultants.


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