RCTDementia to Rementia

Through Person-Centered Care philosophy and implementation, new neurological functioning in the brain can occur. When we, as caregivers and members at large in society, dissolve unfair judgments held about an individual’s limitations and focus fully on engaging, appropriate levels of assistance and love for persons just as they are, lost personhood is found. Rementia theory is about creating new possibilities for those effected by Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment. Rehabilitation is the word that comes closest to the definition of rementia.


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Alzheimer’s Connection is an approved vendor providing CEU’s for Certified Nursing Assistants and Residential Care Facility Administrators. Training satisfies ongoing dementia care education in memory care communities. Alzheimer’s Connection holds the trademark for the name Rementia Care Training, a unique caregiving approach based on the philosophy that those who have AD are whole and complete throughout the progression of the disease. Person centered care approaches and validation on therapy are cornerstone
concepts. Staff and family members learn proven methods for partnership and successful communication. Training programs are customized to meet your staff needs, regulations, and budget.


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Click to watch this short video from a Rementia Care Training class at the offices of Synergy Home Care La Mesa. 



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