Navigating long-term care systems can be overwhelming and stressful; expertise in this area is beneficial. Alzheimer’s Connection can help you avoid costly mistakes—emotional and financial—through awareness and comprehensive information. Alzheimer’s Connection was founded in 2013 and has since assisted hundreds of family and professional caregivers through private consultation, community outreach, and continuing classroom education.

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Founder Kassandra A. King has 20 years experience in long-term care, as a licensed nursing home administrator in two states and as an educator with two Alzhemier’s Association chapters. She has a deep, first-hand perspective on long-term care services as well as the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia. She lives in La Mesa, California.


“Early in my career, I became fascinated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). People with AD are enjoyable to be with, albeit at times tough to please. Relating to the true essence of someone with dementia feels natural to me. Persons with AD are refreshing because most are no longer attempting to impress others. They are genuine, and I can connect.”